5 health benefits of kissing you might not know

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Every time you and your partner pull yourselves closer to get your lips locked, you’re doing more than just making love. Kissing, apart from being a very pleasurable activity, is something that can do wonders to your health. So here are a few reasons why you should consider staying in the bed with your partner a little longer:

  1. Kissing feels good

Kissing is one of the most divine form of showing love and affection. A good kiss can momentarily make everything else in your life seem irrelevant. Kissing sets forth a rush of elation and craving, primarily due to the release of dopamine, the feel good hormone of the body. If that isn’t a good enough reason to kiss your partner, then what is?

  1. Mini Cardio 

If there is anything that can burn your calories without making you feel tired, it is a vigorous kiss with your partner. Every time you lean on your partner for a kiss, your heart rate spikes up and you end up taking short and heavy breaths. A good kiss can burn 8-16 calories, which is not too bad considering the pleasure you get from it.

  1. Stress Buster

The modern lifestyle gives us no time for leisure and fun. Such a stressed lifestyle has opened doors to various problems associated with mental health. Kissing is an outlet to your daily stress. It effectively switches of a person’s mind from the regrets of the past and the plights of the future. It allows a person to live in the moment, which gives you a momentary relief from stress and its side effects.

  1. Kissing adds value to a relationship

A person is a reflection of the relationships he is in. A person involved in a happy and happening relationship will invariable in a better state of mind than one in a relationship without life. Often people forget the importance of physical intimacy in a relationship. Kissing everyday and building an effective physical relationship with your partner can add spice and flavour to your relationship, thereby keeping you in a good mental shape throughout the day. Isn’t that enough reason to start and end your day with a kiss?

  1. Relieves headaches, cramps and anxiety

Kissing helps dilate the blood vessels, thereby providing relief from pain, particularly headaches and menstrual cramps. Kissing also helps in lowering the blood pressure. The customary salivary exchange in a kiss increases the saliva production in the mouth, thereby washing away plaque on one’s teeth that may lead to cavities.

In a work driven modern lifestyle, one must not forget the little things that can give us immense pleasure. For the ones blessed with a partner, kissing is a stairway to heaven and a gateway to the road of good health and relationships. For the ones who do not have a partner to kiss, go and get one for the sake of your health! 


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