9 reasons you should have sex everyday

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sex health benefitsSex is the most divine form of showing love and affection, and a vent to your inner cravings. Strangely, people do not have sex the way it is meant. People nowadays see sex as a mechanical activity rather than an artistic and creative one. So here are a few reasons why spending meaningful time in bed with your partner can get push you towards your health goals!

#9: To sleep well

Stop buying sleeping pills. Sex increases your heart rate. It also leads to relaxation. Exertion will act like a tranquiliser, and also hormones like oxytocin and prolactin released during orgasm helps in better sleep.

#8: To look young

Oxytocin and testosterone are the anti-ageing growth hormones. These hormones help in keeping the body look young and vital. Having sex at least twice a week makes you look younger and decreases the risk of death, compared to those who do not have sex regularly. Estrogens promote soft skin and shiny hair.

#7: To reduce pain

Sex is the best form of pain killer than the pills. It helps in reducing aches, pains or migraines. Endorphins released during sex have close resemblance to morphine in effective relief of pain.

#6: To calm down

It assists in relaxing and reducing the stress levels. Our natural happiness levels and desires are enhanced by hormones like oxytocin, endorphins, dopamine which are released during sex.

#5: To reduce period pain

Having sex helps in contracting uterus and helps to reduce the cramp-causing compounds.

#4: Burns more calories

Sex is equal to cardio. Having sex helps burn calories from 85 to 250 calories. Having sex is equal to running in a moderate speed on a treadmill. It helps in sculpting your abs and also the muscles in your back, butt, and thighs are also benefited.

#3: Makes you heart healthier

You can decrease the chance of having heart problems by 50% if you involve in regular sexual activities. It prevents heart attacks and strokes.

#2: Decreases blood pressure

Sexual activity helps in decreasing the diastolic reading. It helps in keeping your blood pressure within the normal limits.

#1: Builds trust

Sex releases oxytocin which is the key hormone for your happiness and love. Sex helps in dispelling the doubts and builds trust and makes you and your partner come closer.

So grab your partner and rush to the bed. Add grit to your health in the most wonderful way possible. And if you don’t have a partner, go find one for the sake of your health!


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