Top 5 Yoga poses to spice up your sex life

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There was a time when sex was seen as a creative and divine form of showing affection, and not just another mechanical activity to satisfy your cravings. Sex lives of people have been the biggest casualty of the unhealthy and sedentary modern lifestyle. But like every other problem, let’s turn our heads to the universal cure – Yoga!  Yoga has the power to get you turned on, and make you a beast in the bed! So here are a 5 yoga postures that you should perform to give your partner the best sex of his/her life!

  1. Cobra pose


The cobra pose stretches the glutes, hamstrings, thighs and the back, thereby increasing the flexibility of your groin and pelvic region. The stretching of these muscles help in increasing blood flow to the genital areas of the body, thereby improving your performance in bed.


  1. Half plank


The stronger your core, the better your performance in bed. Thrusting your body to and fro demands a lot from the muscles of your core and there is nothing better than the plank, to prepare your core for a nice rigorous session of sex.


  1. Squat pose


The squat, since ages has been a fundamental movement for human beings. A deep squat position engages your hamstrings, thighs and groin, thereby strengthening them and improving blood flow to the genitals.

  1. Butterfly Pose


You must have seen Baba Ramdev showing off his groin flexibility on your television sets! It is a fact that better blood circulation in and around your pelvic region can get you aroused more. Moreover, flexibility in your inner thighs and groin give you the option of having sex in various positions. The butterfly posture gives a great stretch to your groin and inner thighs, thereby increasing the blood flow to the pelvic region and making you ready for the evilest of sex positions out there!

  1. Downward Dog Pose


The downward dog pose helps increase muscle tone in the body, thereby boosting confidence and eliminating any body image issues. It gives a great stretch to the spine and improves blood circulation throughout the body. Does this pose to make yourself irresistible to your partner!

Yoga in the end will make your mind peaceful and your body nimble. Regular practice of yoga can rejuvenate your sex life in no time. So do the poses, and surprise your partner the next time you are in bed with him/her.

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