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Our Promoter - Mr. Sanjay Dalmia

Mr. Sanjay Dalmia, Chairman of the Dalmia Group of Companies, is a pioneer who has the vision and courage to get away from the beaten track and create institutions through vision, risk and initiative which today influences not only the immediate community but the country at large.

Mr. Dalmia was born in Lahore, India in 1944, and went to one of India’s premier Public Schools, Modern School, New Delhi. Thereafter he graduated with Economics (Hons) from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University. He actively participated in seminars and conferences conducted by national and international agencies on banking, finance, taxation and industrial developments with particular reference to applicability to the Indian environment.

Mr Sanjay Dalmia is also a Founder Director of the recently launched “Europe-India Chamber of Commerce” (EICC) with Headquarter in Brussels, which was formed with the aim of promoting trade, commerce and investments between India and Europe.

His busy involvement with industrial projects notwithstanding, Mr. Sanjay Dalmia finds time to actively participate in various civic and welfare activities. The reach and quality of literary education being a premier concern, he is a member on the Board of Trustees of the Indian Literary Society and other educational institutions.

He is the Chairman of several industries dealing with a variety of products such as herbal products, home textiles, man-made fibers, telecommunication hardware and software, soda ash, holiday resorts, finance and investment etc.

Mr. Dalmia is very keen on the effective industrial growth of India and is actively associated with various trade organisations like PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PHD) and was associated with FICCI - Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Assocham, and Chairman, Indo-Israel Joint Business Council. He was on the Board of Directors of Union Bank of India and also was a Member of the Northern Committee of Industrial Development Bank of India.

As an industrialist, Mr. Sanjay Dalmia has always sought out new areas of operation and some of his ventures like Time Sharing Holiday Resorts and Messaging Terminals in telecommunication fields are pioneering efforts. He is actively involved in various Social/Charitable organizations. “Masoom”- a School for special children from the economically weaker section of the society is an example. Since the inception of Masoom, he celebrates his birthday with these children. Dalmia Sewa Trust is actively involved in various philanthropic activities such as providing safe drinking water to the people of Chirawa (Rajasthan); organizing free health camps for patients suffering from Asthma, Eye ailments etc for the underprivileged and needy people in Rajasthan.

Dalmia Sewa Trust is also keenly advocating the idea of Swachh Bharat by doing its own bit in Chirawa. The trust has been constructing lavatories in about 100 odd houses who could not build/afford toilets in their houses owing to monetary constraints. DST has also taken up constructing houses for about 100 homeless families in Chirawa. All these projects are being run by Dalmia Sewa Trust from its own resources with no aid from the District Administration or from any outside agencies.

Another endeavor to provide healthcare facilities to the economically weaker sections of society in New Delhi was realized through the formation of the Bharatiya Socialist Republican Trust (BSR). Mr Sanjay Dalmia’s keen interest to improve the basic standards of living by providing safe drinking water and effectively address the issue of sanitation which has always been a major concern in the area of Madanpur Khadar, which is a JJ colony.

Mr Sanjay Dalmia and Ms Jai Madaan, a noted social activist and public figure, have formed the “Bharat Maa Shaheed Samman Trust”, with the sole aim of expressing appreciation and honoring the freedom fighters who came together to fight the colonial powers and win freedom for our Mother nation at the cost of sacrificing their very life. The trust is also extending financial support to the dependents of the Martyrs for Education and livelihood. Bharat Maa Shaheed Trust is in the process of filing a petition in the British High Court for compensation against the atrocities and crimes committed by the British during the forceful occupation of our country, on the similar lines as filed by the Mau Mau Victims of Kenya, who had won a case against the British and the court was pleased to order compensation, for the atrocities and crime committed during the freedom struggle of Kenya.

Bharat Maa Shaheed Samman Trust has been organising “Bharat Maa Gaurav Sandhya” a musical programme of patriotic songs, in various parts of India, as a tribute to the memory of Freedom Fighters and to instill a sense of pride among the youth of the society.

This dynamic Industrialist is a former member of the Rajya Sabha (Upper House of the Parliament) and has raised many pertinent issues relating to Finance, Economy and other matter of national importance in the Rajya Sabha during his tenure.